Surprises are fun

I usually prefer organic shapes when I do the woven paper images. Yesterday I tried weaving some very geometric images together. I liked the colors and my dear friend is always challenging me to test my boundaries and try new things.

I wasn’t thrilled with the final piece but decided to try it in a frame and see if I liked it better. When I turned it over to insert in the frame, I found a pleasant surprise. I like the back side better than the front!

This is the surprise on the back                                       This is what I wove



More woven images

I’m working on creating some larger images that I can frame and submit for a one person show. I need about 2 dozen pieces, so I’ve a long way to go.

Here’s the piece I finished yesterday:

IMG_2320I start with either one image, cut in half or two different images, like the ones below. You must be aware of the copyright laws on derivative art, if you are using someone else’s images.


After cutting each image into curved strips I weave them together to create the finished piece.IMG_2317Here’s another I finished this week:

IMG_2324This one uses a slightly different technique. Two photos, the same image, one black and white, the other colored, woven together. The piece is less abstract.IMG_2326The follow two pieces are garden photos. Each has two different photos woven into each other. I like the way you can see the pagoda in this one.IMG_2325Although these were both garden images, with no people or statues, I see a magi in this one.IMG_2323

Woven Paper Images

Years ago, while in New Mexico, I visited a gallery and fell in love with the wonderful woven copper pieces by Suzanne Donazetti. You can see her work here: Waxlander Gallery

Recently, I began weaving paper images and have achieved a look similar to Suzanne’s amazing copper pieces. I’m turning the woven images into cards and selling them at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market.


I’ve also started using larger images and photographs, to do some pieces which I will frame.

This is one colored and one black and white photo, cut and woven together. The image is of the cars at Cadillac Ranch, in Texas.


T-Shirt Basket

Welcome to my basket blog.

This is my first blog post.

I have been making baskets from paper and photographs for a couple of years. Today I’m working on a basket made from a T-Shirt.

This is the T-Shirt front:



The finished piece will look something like this:




Here’s the wooden base, covered with velvet paper:


And here’s the partially cut piece:



 More tomorrow...