3 x 3 Twill – weaving the sides

IMG_2307Back in the early 80’s I learned to weave from 3 Japanese books recommended to me by Jim Widess from the Caning Shop, who assured me that I could learn to weave from them, even though they were written in Japanese!

I first saw the 3 x 3 Classic twill  basket above in one of these books:


These basket makers each interpreted the the 3 x 3 twill in their own way, resulting in three beautiful baskets.


You can see how color placement in both the stakes and weavers affects the look of the basket.


I’ve finished the bottom of my basket. Getting the cat head feet is the toughest part for me. In general if I have a 1 x 1 weave, it takes 4-6 rows flat on the table to turn the feet, for a 2 x 2 twill it takes 8-10 rows and the 3 x 3 twill takes 12-14 rows to get it nicely fanned out.


And now the sides are woven and waiting for a rim. The zig zag of the twill isn’t as pronounced as it was in my head!




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